Buying property in Australia is simple and safe. The sector is highly regulated, and the buyer is heavily protected all the way along the buying process. It’s a safe and smart way to diversify your investments.
Traditionally investors in India have invested in a variety of financial options including shares, gold and property. The property investor in India today may be looking outside India to diversify, and to take advantage of their buying power and what overseas markets have to offer.

Location – How to choose?

Location is critical when looking to purchase property overseas. It can be difficult for someone to invest in another city in their own country, let alone in a foreign country. Professional advice should be sought so you can match your investment need with a suitable property in the right location. Lifestyle properties will invariably be different from pure investment-grade properties.
Australia is a large country and it requires local knowledge in order to choose the right city and suburb for your investment requirements.

What is your Purpose?

There are many reasons one may wish to invest in overseas property – hedge against local market fluctuations, diversify holdings, generate additional income stream, capitalize on buying power, holiday home in desired location, study base etc. Below we discuss two scenarios which may apply to you.
Investment/Rental portfolio
Many investors who favor property in India may be looking to diversify their holdings due to local market conditions. The housing market in India has seen some tough times with over supply and delivery delays and other regulatory changes, and it may not be over for some years to come.
Depending on your financial position and investment appetite, this may mean a single property investment, or even an international property portfolio.
For those investors wishing to build a property portfolio, we recommend diversifying locations to benefit from market upswings occurring across a variety of cities and markets.
Overseas Education - Study Base/Financial security for children re-locating
A great way to support your child who is going overseas for further education is to purchase a property in the same city. This can offer a home for your child for 3 or 4 years while they study (potentially saving anywhere from $50,000+ on rent and housing costs).
Alternatively, an investment property in Australia would provide an ongoing income stream for your child if they wish to move and live in another suburb or city.
And if your child has a desire to permanently move to their place of study in the future, an investment already growing in their new country of choice will be a huge bonus. Many students would relish the chance of such a great start in life.


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